AT LINER® Co., Ltd.

Putting More Smiles on Customers’ Faces
To Be a Safe, Reliable Bus Company
Delivering you safely to your family in your hometown..., to your distant friends..., to see the person you love... AT Liner® carries the precious hopes and dreams of its customers.
We offer our customers the peace of mind that their bus journey will be a comfortable one. This peace of mind that allows you to sit back and relax and enjoy a comfortable ride on our buses could not be achieved without the backing of thoroughly safe services.
The Sakura Highway Bus Group, to which we belong, upholds a safety policy of “Safety Above All Else,” under which it pursues safer bus operation plans. As part of our safe operations policy, we will check the safety of every single bus and every single service, and work hard to build the foundations of peace of mind and comfort into something even more certain.
With the full awareness that our safety measures have no end point, we promise to push forward with relentless safety measures and pursue thoroughgoing safe operations, without conceit, so that AT Liner® will be remembered by all customers who use our services as a brand that offers safe operations.